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Moisture is the cause for many hearing aid maintenance problems. Excessive moisture due to sweat and humidity can cause distortion, static and other issues. To help avoid the unnecessary cost of a manufacturer repair, follow the tips below.

  • Leave your hearing device’s battery door open at night to allow air to circulate and dry it out.
  • Purchase a hearing aid dehumidifier — they are inexpensive, simple to use, and act as a handy storage spot.

A song, a laugh, or ocean waves, they all can be beautiful sounds to our ears. Sometimes we take sounds for granted because we encounter so many throughout our lives. But there will always be one particular sound that will stand out as our favorite.
Unitron, a leading global designer and manufacturer of hearing devices created a worldwide conversation with one simple question, “What’s your favorite sound?”

Hearing loss can be sneaky. It can take years to become bad enough for you to notice on your own, and once you do, you may ignore it because, after all, “it’s not that bad”. Right? Wrong.

Untreated hearing loss is linked to dementia and increased risk of falls, and it even has the ability to compromise your career.
How can you tell if you need to get your hearing tested? We have 10 important warning signs for you.

1.    Your ears are ringing.
2.    You’ve had an ear infection or wax buildup.
3.    You’ve been dizzy.
4.    You keep turning up the volume.
5.    You have trouble pinpointing the location of noises.
6.    You can’t keep up with conversations in noisy places.
7.    Hearing women or children is especially difficult.
8.    Following conversations with others is difficult.
9.    Asking people to repeat themselves is normal.
10.  Your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, grocery store workers…anyone for that matter has told you to have your hearing checked.

If you find that you relate with any of the warning signs, contact the staff at Universal Hearing Center to schedule an appointment with an audiologist.  Call us at  818.345.3200

Are you like many people who need a hearing aid, but have just found out the device you wanted is not covered by health insurance or Medicaid? It can be very frustrating, as people who really need these devices cannot afford to pay for them if they live on a fixed income.

A question we tend to hear is “Do I really need two hearing aids?”

Because hearing aids can be a costly expense, patients want to save money by cutting the price in half and only purchasing one device. But think about it this way - if your vision in one eye is worse than the other, do you only get glasses for the bad eye?  It’s the same for your ears. Your brain uses both ears to carry out essential tasks such as:

When you live with hearing loss, lip-reading becomes an everyday occurrence. Straining to hear your friends and loved one can be exhausting. Not to mention the crazy looks you get when you respond incorrectly to something you think you heard.

Luckily, you’re not the only one who has struggled with lip-reading. The anonymous creator of the popular YouTube channel “Bad Lip-Reading” was inspired by his mother who suddenly lost her hearing. Amazed by how quickly she learned to read lips, he decided to give it a try. It didn’t work out well for him, but the end result was over 4 million video subscribers.

Did you know there’s a link between your ears and your feet?

A study from Washington University School of Medicine revealed that patients with hearing aids performed better during standard balance testing with their devices turned on, compared with when they were turned off.