One of the most unique hearing aid manufacturers we feature is Oticon. What sets Oticon apart from other companies is their corporate structure. The Oticon Foundation is a charitable organization created to grow their business and “help people with hearing loss.”For over one hundred years, Oticon has built their success on compassionate care for people that includes ongoing research and leading edge hearing technology.

 Oticon’s last hearing aid line is the Alta2 with advanced “BrainHearing™”technology that allows your brain to process sounds in a more natural way. Users experience a 20% improvement in understanding conversation by enhancing perception of softer speech tones. The Alta2 comes in a wide variety of colors and provides greater control and automation to personalize your hearing aid to a new degree of accuracy. It comes in multiple BTE and RITE styles.

Nera2, a mid-level hearing aid line, uses the same BrainHearing™ technology as the Alta2, making it the most advanced hearing aid of its category. And the Ria2 provides you with all the options you need and advanced BrainHearing™ technology at a lower price.

All of these instruments can also be  with Oticon’s new Tinnitus SoundSupport™feature. This provides the his feature gives relief from tinnitus sounds and works seamlessly with BrainHearing™ technology. For those with tinnitus and hearing loss, the advanced technology of these features provides individualized, flexible solutions for clear, natural sound.

At Universal Hearing in Tarzana, California, we proudly offer the quality Oticon hearing aid instruments for our patients. If you’d like to learn more about Oticon hearing aids, contact our office today