Universal Hearing Lunch and ListenUniversal Hearing Care is inviting you to a complimentary Lunch and Listen on Wednesday, August 23rd at The Bleecker Street. Join us with a guest for great food and an engaging discussion while you experience the sophisticated, new Widex BEYOND™ hearing aids — all at no cost and programmed especially for you.

Kimberly Pearson of Widex USA, will be in town for this one-day-only event to discuss Widex’s newest hearing aid technology. There is no obligation, we want to make sure that you are getting the most up-to-date information about hearing loss, in a relaxed environment.

Please contact the office to reserve your seat; space is very limited. RSVP today at 818-578-4562.

HershelYou may have spotted a new face amongst our hearing specialists. Hershel Korngut is the newest doctor to join the team at Universal Hearing Care.

He brings a wide variety of clinical experience to our practice. “Dr. Korngut has been a nice addition to the team,” said owner and audiologist, Lisa Goldstein “He is doing a great job and patients are enjoying his knowledge and exceptional care.”

LyrichearingaidYou’re invited to get the inside story on Lyric, the world’s first and only 100% invisible, extended wear hearing aid!

Universal Hearing Care in Tarzana, California – your certified Lyric professionals are hosting a FREE three-day Lyric special event June 27th - 29th.

Fotolia 35607964 SubscriptiUniversal Hearing Care encourages you to have your hearing checked this summer. Weather you plan to be swimming at the pool, or camping in the woods we want to make sure you can hear the children playing and the crackling fire!

Untreated hearing loss can affect more than just your ability to hear others. It can impact you socially, physically and psychologically. While the impacts hearing loss can have on an individual vary from person to person, there’s no question that the impacts are often negative.

Spring HearingI love springtime; the trees in bloom, different flowers of the season, enjoying more time under the sun.

As the season changes, let’s make sure you are hearing well!  We are offering a list of beneficial opportunities to improve your hearing health this season.  

Springtime helps to raise awareness about the significance of hearing healthcare because May is Better Speech and Hearing month. For millions of Americans, Better Speech and Hearing Month has increased awareness of the importance of hearing, how to protect it, and how to improve it.

For those of you wearing hearing aids, now is a good time to come in for a little “spring cleaning;” we’ll make sure your aids are cleaned, checked, and ready for all your upcoming activities. If it’s been more than a year since your last hearing test, this is a good opportunity to schedule an appointment for a new test as we may need to adjust your device.  

Music and Hearing LossTinnitus is a condition where sufferers experience ringing in the ears when no external, physical noise is present. An estimated 10-15% of the United States adult population experiences tinnitus frequency. Around 5% say it affects their quality of life.

You’re not alone if you have tinnitus symptoms – and you can take control of your condition and enjoy all of life’s sounds!

For instance, Beethoven developed tinnitus by 1800, which made it hard for the classical musician to hear melodic tones and enjoy conversations. But even Beethoven didn’t let tinnitus stop him! He used hearing aids like ear horns and became more socially active.

basketballMarch Madness is a great time for sports fans to cheer on their favorite college basketball teams by watching some exciting games for hours at a time. Enjoying numerous games in a noisy and cheerful environment while you root on your favorite teams is a highlight for many college basketball fans.

Unfortunately, all this cheering can result in hearing reduction.

Experts say contact with noise levels of 80-90 decibels for eight consecutive hours can result in serious damage in the inner hearing. Exciting plays can lead to noise levels this high or even louder as fans cheer on their teams.